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EU emerging as new champion of free trade

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Feeling fit after years in the economic doldrums, the European Union has become the Western world’s champion of free trade. As the U.S. continues to scrap international agreements, the world’s largest trading bloc is now holding talks with an expanded range of countries to ink bilateral deals that could remove tariffs and further expand exports.


Blockchain: Digitizing trust in Europe

EU moves toard blockchain

As blockchain technology gains acceptance, entrepreneurs, industries and even some governments in Europe are embracing a potential digital revolution, one closely related to crypto-currencies, banking and other highly secure applications that could affect many aspects of daily life.

The verdict is still out on whether the US or Europe will lead in the blockchain race.


Amid refugee crisis, a street corner of hope

Europe refugees

On a street corner near where we live, Johnson Chijioke has created a job of sorts for himself. Every morning he can be found in front of a local supermarket, available to help the elderly with their groceries. He also accepts small contributions from passersby, some of whom donate coins.

The young refugee from Nigeria is a friendly as possible as he tries to make a place for himself in the local community.



Mandello del Lario: Manzoni meets Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi

My dad had a bright red Moto Guzzi motorbike that in its day was quite cool and sporty with its eagle wings logo. He was dating my mother, who rode sidesaddle like women did in the ’50s and ’60s.

He bought his Guzzi directly from the plant in Mandello del Lario where the Anonymous Moto Guzzi Society moved in 1921 a few months after its formal registration in Genoa.


Partinico and Via Frank Zappa, a Sicilian sojourn

Via Frank Zappa

Ironically enough, musical genius Frank Zappa and a 13th century poet Cielo d’Alcamo had some important things in common. The artists so vastly disparate in time and space share an iconoclastic spirit and the colors of two neighboring cities in northwest Sicily.

The audacious American rocker blazed his own trail across genres and eras like no-one else.